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Handmade Pottery Marbled Bowl

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Experience the perfect blend of elegance and functionality with our signature marbled bowl in white and dark brown. Ideal for salads, pastas, curries, and more, this versatile bowl is designed for both daily use and special occasions.

The marbled bowl combines a reliable shape with the unpredictability of two clay bodies mixing together to create a stunning marbled texture. This unique throwing technique ensures that each bowl is one-of-a-kind, making it a functional piece of art.

Crafted from dark brown and white stoneware, this bowl evokes a sense of decadence and luxury. Enjoy the beauty and uniqueness of our signature marbled bowl with every meal.

  • Measures 7" wide w/handle and 2.75" Tall
  • This bowl is a unique piece, no two will be exactly alike, so please allow for artistic variances. 
  • Holds roughly 14 fl. oz
  • Color may vary slightly from image due to variations in monitors. Glazes may vary slightly from photo since each piece is handcrafted and unique.
  • Made by Olivia Snow, Los Angeles, CA