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Tessoro Jewelry

Today the current of creativity often carries me to international destinations for inspiration. The earth, sky and sea of the Mediterranean coast in Spain, with its rugged open-space beauty and haunting ruins to cosmopolitan urban centers such as Barcelona, Rome and Athens. It is here when discovering and connecting with jewelry artisans, found exploring sleepy side streets, or in viewing ancient jewelry designs found in museum collections that I feel my passion fueled with a fresh perspective, opening up for me the currents of international and timeless fashion. After all Tessoro truly aims to create the ultimate in art jewelry for every day, every woman.

Our commitment to “green” practices begins with the salvaged birchbark used to create Tessoro jewelry.  Mixed metals, sterling silver and copper from car radiators along with turquoise, hematite and sterling beads create a very natural palate.  Stunning contrast to the rough texture of the birchbark is provided by the simple elegance of freshwater pearls.  In many pieces a pearl or gemstone is stitched onto the bark creating a floating appearance.