Dirty Dog Pottery

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yhst-132015947435578-2267-181843269.jpgHil-Dee Bates began her journey in Preston, Idaho, the daughter of dairy farmers. This beginning helped her find beauty in the simple things that surround our everyday lives. Originally entering college to become an architect, she changed her major. Clay became her favorite way of creating and finding peace. She and her husband, Patrick, run Dirty Dog Pottery. Dirty Dog Pottery blends water, earth and fire to create functional art. Each piece is unique, but serves a common purpose–to bring a sense of spirit to everyday objects. Bowls are more than bowls, they are filled with surprises. Platters are edged with spirit. Each cup contains more than a mugful. Since 2006, she has focused on her own work, completing the cycle of taking a lump of clay that smells of earth, shaping it, firing it and ultimately completing a process that ends in somebody handling that same lump of clay in its transfigured state. This final step is why much of her work is functional. The process doesn’t seem complete until someone is using the object that was created. She strives to incorporate something different and beautiful, something that changes the object from an everyday useful object into art.

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