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High Quality American potters

High Quality American potters

Posted by Paul A. on 18th Aug 2015

American potters at

At, we represent only the highest quality American potters.  We have work from over 20 potters at present, in all different styles, all handmade in decorative, functional and art pottery.  On the potter's category page within our site, we include a bio that will give you insight as to who these potters are, their backgrounds and focus.  All of the are born and bred USA potters.  Here is a brief list of the potters shown in our site, clink the link to their item pages. 

Dirty Dog Pottery, Functional and Decorative Pottery

Triple C Pottery, Functional Handmade Pottery

Clear Creek Pottery, Functional Handmade Pottery

Uwharrie Crystalline Pottery, Unique Crystalline Glazed Pottery

Always Azul Pottery, Functional Handmade Pottery

Larrabee Ceramics, Functional Handmade Pottery

Dirtworks Pottery, Functional and Decorative Handmade Pottery, Raku

Ole Fish House Pottery, Functional Handmade Pottery

Blue Water Pottery, Functional Handmade Pottery

Duck Creek Pottery, Highly Styled Functional and Decorative Handmade Pottery

Geoff Lloyd Pottery, Highly Styled Functional Handmade Pottery

McCanless Pottery, Unique Crystalline Glazed Pottery

Follette Pottery, Crystalline Functional Pottery

From the Ground Up, Decorative and Art Pottery

O'Quinn Pottery, Functional Handmade Pottery

Anthony Stoneware, Functional Handmade Pottery

Latham Pottery, Functional and Decorative Handmade Pottery

Don Cox Pottery, Asian Motif Functional and Decorative Pottery

Thanks for visiting our blog, please visit the artist's pages above, they appreciate it.